Fuzzing Labs Academy

After a lot of request from our clients, we've decided to convert all our live training into recorded online courses.

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Full Training

FULL TRAINING: Rust Security Audit and Fuzzing (bundle)

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FULL TRAINING: WebAssembly Security From Reversing to Vulnerability Research (bundle)

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Conference talk and slides

SLIDES: Analyze & Detect WebAssembly Cryptominer

TALK: Dissection of WebAssembly module

SLIDES: Reversing Ethereum WebAssembly contract 101

Patrick Ventuzelo

Patrick Ventuzelo is a French Independent Security Researcher specialized in vulnerability research, fuzzing, reverse engineering and program analysis. 

Patrick found hundreds of bugs using fuzzing and developed both open-source security tools Octopus and WARF.

Patrick is a regular speaker and trainer at various security conferences around the globe, including RingZer0, REcon Montreal, ToorCon, hack.lu, NorthSec, REcon Brussels, SSTIC, FIRST, Microsoft DCC, BlackAlps, etc.