Hi! 👋 My name is Patrick Ventuzelo. I'm a security researcher specialized in fuzzing, vulnerability research and reverse engineering.

Since 2016, I've found hundreds of bugs and presented my work at various security conferences around the globe, including REcon, RingZer0, ToorCon, hack.lu, NorthSec, FIRST, Microsoft DCC, etc.

Fuzzing Labs is basically my online training platform where I share everything I've been learning, researching and practicing over the past years.

Fuzzing Rust library using cargo-fuzz / libfuzzer

Learn how to fuzz Rust library using cargo fuzz.
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Rust Security Audit and Fuzzing

Learn how to audit Rust code and find bugs automatically using fuzz testing.
 🎞️ 80+ videos / ⏱️ 9+ hours / 👨‍💻 25+ exercises
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Fuzzing Browser JavaScript WebAssembly APIs using Dharma

Learn how to fuzz WebAssembly APIs of the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine using Dharma.
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WebAssembly Reversing and Dynamic Analysis

Learn how to reverse wasm module, bypass obfuscation and perform in-depth analysis.
 🎞️ 60+ videos / ⏱️ 8+ hours / 👨‍💻 25+ exercises
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Fuzzing Python code using pythonfuzz

Learn how to fuzz python code using pythonfuzz.
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Fuzzing Go package using go-fuzz & libfuzzer

Learn how to fuzz golang library using go-fuzz and libfuzzer.
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Go Fuzzing and Crash Analysis

Learn how to use Golang fuzzing frameworks and find bugs using different fuzz testing techniques.
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Reversing Ethereum WebAssembly Contract

Learn how to reverse engineer and analyze Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm) smart contracts.
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How to get access to my Fuzzing Labs courses?

Fuzzing Labs is using the podia.com platform to provide the trainings materials.
Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email with your login details. 

I can't or don't want to pay with Paypal or a credit card, can I still join?

Yes of course, just send me an email at fuzzinglabs@gmail.com and we will see how to make it work.

I would prefer to have an online/onsite LIVE training experience, is it possible?

We also offers all the trainings on this platform in a LIVE online format upon requests.
Customization of on-site/online trainings can also be possible for small groups of attendees and depending of the timezone. Don't hesitate to contact me by mail, the popup chat or using this form.

For how long I get access to the course?

Any courses in the Fuzzing Labs Academy comes with a life-time access.

Will the training be updated in the future?

Courses will be updated over the time and you will receive a notification email.

I'm a student, can I have a special discount?

Yes it's possible ;) Send me a message using the chat popup and we will discuss about the requirement.