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FuzzingLabs is a research-oriented security company specializing in vulnerability research and fuzzing.
This online training platform is where we share everything we've been learning, researching, and practicing over the past years

Improve your fuzzing and software security skills through our flexible and self-paced online courses.

Master Rust Security: Comprehensive Audit & Fuzzing

Discover more about Rust memory-safety, vulnerabilities, unsafe code, auditing tools and fuzzing

  • Free

Introduction to Rust fuzzing

    Learn how to fuzz Rust libraries using cargo fuzz and honggfuzz. πŸ“¦ Source code / 🎞️ Videos

    • $2,400

    Rust Security Audit and Fuzzing

      Learn how to audit Rust code and find bugs automatically using fuzz testing.
       πŸŽžοΈ 80+ videos / ⏱️ 9+ hours / πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 25+ exercises

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      Rust Binary Reverse Engineering

      • Starts Jun 3

      Learn how to reverse engineer Rust binaries, identify the runtime, recover structures, and analyze inlining methods.

      Deep Dive into Go Security: Audit & Fuzzing Mastery

      Discover more about Go vulnerabilities, unsafe code, auditing tools and fuzzing

      • Free

      Introduction to Go fuzzing

        Learn how to fuzz a Golang package using go-fuzz. πŸ“¦ Source code / πŸ“ Cheatsheets / 🎞️ Videos

        • $2,400

        Go Security Audit and Fuzzing

          Learn how to audit Go code and find bugs automatically using fuzz testing.
           πŸŽžοΈ 90+ videos / ⏱️ 8+ hours / πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 25+ exercises

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          Unveil the Depths of C/C++ Whitebox Fuzzing

          Dive into specialized training, harnessing the power of whitebox fuzzing for robust C/C++ applications.

          • Free

          Fuzzing C/C++ program using honggfuzz

            Learn how to fuzz a C/C++ program using honggfuzz.   πŸ“ Cheatsheets / 🎞️ Videos

            • $1,300

            C/C++ Whitebox Fuzzing

              Learn how to use famous fuzzing framework to find bugs inside C/C libraries.
              🎞️ 40+ videos / ⏱️ 5+ hours / πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 25+ exercises

              Master the Art of Web Browser Fuzzing

              Empower your skill set with hands-on training in practical fuzzing techniques tailored for web browsers.

              • Free

              Introduction to Browser Fuzzing

                Learn how to fuzz web-browser like Google V8, Firefox, etc. using multiple fuzing techniquesΒ πŸ“– Source codes,Β  πŸ“ Cheatsheets & 🎞️ Videos

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                Practical Web Browser Fuzzing

                  ⚠️ Warning ⚠️
                  This training is only available during physical events in security conferences or during private sessions for the moment. if interested, please use the contact form.

                  Unlock Webassembly: Security Analysis & Reversing

                  Discover more about WebAssembly module reverse engineering and dynamic analysis

                  • Free

                  Introduction to WebAssembly Security

                    Learn the basics of WebAssembly. 
                     πŸ“ Cheatsheets / 🎞️ Videos

                    • $2,400

                    WebAssembly Reversing and Dynamic Analysis

                      Learn how to reverse wasm module, bypass obfuscation and perform in-depth analysis.
                       πŸŽžοΈ 60+ videos / ⏱️ 8+ hours / πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 25+ exercises


                      A very well designed training with tons to learn. Most importantly the guidance and workflow from Patrick makes this training a must have when entering the Wasm space - Georgios.D

                      The course contains a lot of information to be completely processed but it's well built and very practical! My favorite part was about fuzzing! - Thomas.H

                      Learned so much about modern WebAssembly security. The lecture and exercise learning format is excellent! It's very worth it and I highly recommend Patrick's course! - Zion.P

                      This course is pure gold. I wasted weeks looking for an alternative instead of taking this course directly. Huge mistake on my end because Patrick's slides are awesome and teach everything you need to know about for Rust security. - Anonymous

                      Patrick is very skilled in his art. This course covers so much to get into the world of fuzzing. This course even covers how Radamsa can be used from a pentesting perspective. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about fuzzing open source applications! - Brendan.S

                      Essential training covering all shorts of issues and scenarios. A well rounded training that does not leave anything uncovered. A great place to start when entering Rust space - Georgios.D

                      Great training, covering a lot of information from beginner level and then building up slowly up to advanced stuff - Adrian.T

                      Really good overview of techniques, live examples of common tools is super helpful and provides a good basis for building on knowledge gained in the training - Anonymous

                      Great course, not just showing how to use some fuzzing tools... it goes into detail showing the process and workflow required to fuzz a target - Anonymous

                      Blockchain Courses

                      Discover more about Blockchain and smart contract security

                      • Free

                      Introduction to Ethereum Security

                        Discover more about Ethereum security and fuzzing

                        • Waitlist

                        Solidity & Ethereum Smart Contract Security Audit and Fuzzing

                          Learn which kind of security vulnerabilities/bugs can be found inside Ethereum smart contract and in particular in Solidity code, how to detect them statically and automatically using different audit and fuzzing techniques.

                          • Free

                          Introduction to Starknet/Cairo Security

                            Discover more about Starknet/Cairo security

                            Other Courses

                            • Free

                            AI & LLM CyberSecurity

                              Learn how to use AI to help you in your cybersecurity job for tasks like reversing, auditing, pentesting, fuzzing & more! Learn also how to protect LLM against attacks.

                              • Free

                              Introduction to Blackbox Fuzzing

                                Learn how to fuzz closed-source binary easily.Β  πŸ“¦ Source code, πŸ“ Cheatsheets & 🎞️ Videos

                                • Free

                                Introduction to Python Fuzzing

                                  Discover how to fuzz Python code using pythonfuzz and Google Atheris fuzzers. Β πŸ“¦ Source code, πŸ“ Cheatsheets & 🎞️ Videos

                                  • Free

                                  Introduction to Java fuzzing

                                    Learn how to find bugs in Java code using fuzzing. πŸ“¦ Source code, πŸ“ Cheatsheets,Β  🎞️ Videos

                                    • Free

                                    Introduction to JavaScript Fuzzing

                                      Learn how to fuzz JavaScript code using jsfuzz. πŸ“¦ Source code, πŸ“ Cheatsheet,Β  🎞️ Video

                                      • Free

                                      Introduction to Network Protocol & Web Fuzzing

                                        Discover more about network protocol fuzzing and web application fuzzing

                                        • $400

                                        1-on-1 coaching meeting (60 minutes)

                                          Private one-on-one meeting with me to answer all of your questions during a 60-minute video session. Looking forward to talking to you!

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                                          Meet Your Instructor

                                          Hey! πŸ‘‹ My name is Patrick and I'm the founder of FuzzingLabs, a research-oriented security company specializing in fuzzing, vulnerability research, and reverse engineering.

                                          Over time, we found hundreds of bugs and presented our work at various security conferences around the globe, including BlackHat USA, OffensiveCon, REcon, Devcon, EthCC, RingZer0, ToorCon, hack.lu, NorthSec, Microsoft DCC, etc.

                                          You can read more about me by clicking here.