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Fuzzing V8 Engine JavaScript WebAssembly API using Dharma

Learn how to fuzz WebAssembly APIs of the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine using Dharma.
📖 1 PDF,  📝 Cheatsheet & 🎞️ Video 

[RUST] Fuzzing Rust library using cargo-fuzz / libfuzzer

Learn how to fuzz a popular Rust library using cargo fuzz.
📦 Source code, 📝 Cheatsheet & 🎞️ Video

[PYTHON] Fuzzing Python code using pythonfuzz

Learn how to fuzz python code using pythonfuzz.
 📦 Source code, 📝 Cheatsheet & 🎞️ Video

[WASM] Dissection of WebAssembly module

[WASM] Reversing Ethereum WebAssembly contract 101

Learn how to reverse engineer and analyze Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm) smart contracts.

[WASM] Analyze & Detect WebAssembly Cryptominer

Patrick Ventuzelo

Patrick Ventuzelo is a French Independent Security Researcher specialized in vulnerability research, fuzzing, reverse engineering and program analysis. 

Patrick found hundreds of bugs using fuzzing and developed both open-source security tools Octopus and WARF.

Patrick is a regular speaker and trainer at various security conferences around the globe, including REcon, RingZer0, ToorCon,, NorthSec, SSTIC, FIRST, Microsoft DCC, BlackAlps, etc.