[GOLANG] Go Fuzzing and Crash Analysis by Patrick Ventuzelo

[GOLANG] Go Fuzzing and Crash Analysis

Learn how to use Golang fuzzers, develop harnesses and apply different fuzzing techniques to find bugs.
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In this course, you will focus on automated Golang vulnerability detection using different fuzzing techniques. You will first learn how to create fuzzing harnesses for a given target quickly using coverage-guided fuzzing. Then, you will evaluate the fuzzing results and analyze crashes using debugging. Finally, you will discover other advanced techniques to find in-depth bugs on popular Go packages.

Patrick Ventuzelo

Patrick Ventuzelo is a French Independent Security Researcher specialized in vulnerability research, fuzzing, reverse engineering and program analysis. 

Patrick found hundreds of bugs using fuzzing and developed both open-source security tools Octopus and WARF.

Patrick is a regular speaker and trainer at various security conferences around the globe, including REcon, RingZer0, ToorCon, hack.lu, NorthSec, SSTIC, FIRST, Microsoft DCC, BlackAlps, etc.